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  • This dehumidifier is very practical for my home with the basement by a lake. We would have to have multiple dehumidifiers and regularly empty them out to get a noticeable effect in the basement but we only need this high powered one to do the job now. You’ll have to have the hose leading outside or over a drain, so if that’s available to you, you’ll never have to empty a tank. Otherwise you’ll have to lead the hose into a bucket. It’s got a big motor so it’s really heavy but the wheels are sturdy and the handle bar makes it an easy task for even one person. It‘s also pretty loud considering the power of the dehumidifier but about the volume of a window AC unit.

    Westbrook Susan

  • We have only used this for 24 hours, but so far, it has worked incredibly well. Using in a senior living community indoor pool room. The commercial unit broke, so we needed a band aid until the big unit was repaired. There was water droplets on the ceiling, condensation on all the windows, etc. After less than 24 hours, all of that was reversed. No condensation anywhere. The room started at 90% humidity when we plugged it in and it is holding at 60% (again - in an indoor pool room). Will update if something changes, but so far, very impressed.

    Loras Lansing

  • at last! This dehumidifier perfectly solves my troubles here. My shop is very wet. The floor is slippery every day. I am afraid that the guests will fall. I bought a pile of carpets before, I am not dirty and I am prone to bacteria. Still difficult to clean. Now, I am completely plagued by this aspect. The guests are in a much better mood. I think my business will be better, haha. The kitchen is also much dry, and even before wearing non-slip shoes, it will still slip. I am afraid that I will be injured if I don’t pay attention, because the kitchen is very dangerous. This danger is now largely ruled out. Great, this big machine is also very good to swing, it can be put away at any time when it is not needed, great. like it!

    Tom Verchio


Factors To Consider While Buying Industrial Dehumidifier

December 20, 2019

Willis Carrier invented the first Industrial Humidifier in 1902 for printing plant. Since then, the struggle to improve the efficiency and performance of the dehumidifier is continuously being made.

There are some factors, which need to be considered upon while buying an industrial dehumidifier.

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How to choose a portable commercial dehumidifier

December 06, 2019

There are several commercial dehumidifiers for sale and comes for every extent of the usage and need. When a job requires temporary climate control in order to run its operation without hurdles, then its mandatory to analyze several crystal factors for the appropriate selection of the equipment as per your needs.

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Development of industrial dehumidifiers

December 04, 2019

Modern dehumidifiers can be found in almost any industry, especially during the hotter and more humid summer months. They are particularly loved due to the fact that they can increase the comfort of workers in an environment, thereby increasing the professionalism and morale of these workers—leading to enhanced profitability of each worker in an environment.

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