How to choose a portable commercial dehumidifier

December 06, 2019

A Brief Guide to Buy Portable Commercial Dehumidifiers


What it is?

Dehumidifier, whether it be commercial dehumidifier or a residential dehumidifier, is primarily used for the purpose of removing the excess moisture from the internals of a building to keep its environment prevented from the dew point and humidity. When it comes to commercial application, portable commercial dehumidifier helps to aid the pleasant environment, contribute to proper room temperature regulation, and also manages to control condensation which results in mildew and mold formation. When used in the industries, these portable industrial dehumidifiers facilitate in controlling the product’s moisture content, elevate product efficacy and enable smooth and seamless process operation.

It is the refrigeration component that is used in a portable industrial dehumidifier that lowers the dew point and humidity of the air. This helps prevent unwanted moisture or condensation on machine surfaces or the product itself.

It is fundamental for the smooth operation and product protection to make us of the portable commercial dehumidifier as it controls the humidity with the use of properly sized and accurately engineered dehumidification system that could go a long way in maintaining your product’s quality, flawless machines operation and ultimately long-term and assured success in business.

How does Dehumidifier work?

Have you ever wonder how a dehumidifier works? Then let me tell you the mechanics behind it in brief! Refrigerant-based dehumidifiers are one of the most commonly used methods of dehumidification. You must have noticed how the moisture forms outside on the outside of the cold water of glass on a hot day. This process is called condensation. Once you know what condensation is, the rest will be a lot easier for you to understand the functionality of dehumidification.

Dehumidifier operates similar to that of an air conditioner which draws the warm and moist air into the dehumidifier through a fan. The moist air crosses over the refrigerant cooled coils of dehumidifier causing the air moisture to condense the coil. But ever wondered why?

Similar to that of a cold glass of water, the coils are chilled than the air surrounding them. With the coolness of the air, the ability of it to hold and retain moisture downgrades and when the air holds the moisture more than it can then it forms a condensate. A drip pan or a removable bucket is connected with a Dehumidifier which is used to collect condensate for ease in the disposal. Afterward, the cooled air passes back over the dehumidifier’s warm motor which reheats the air to a little extent before it discharges back into the room. The warm and dry air gets excited from the dehumidifier and attracts the moisture like a magnet, maximizing the dehumidifier’s efficacy.

How to choose a portable commercial dehumidifier

The dehumidifier operation is given below step-by-step:

  1. The fan draws the air into the unit
  2. Air passes over the cooling coils
  3. The moisture condenses as the air cools
  4. Water drops into the removable bucket
  5. heat recovery system reheats the air
  6. Air disperses back into the room if its 2° Celsius warmer and relatively dry.
  7. The unit gets de-iced by the defrost system automatically
  8. Upon full drainage bucket, the dehumidifier gets shut off automatically
  9. Upon achieving the desired level of dryness in the room, the dehumidifier turns off automatically.

Application of Portable Commercial Dehumidifier:

The role of climate control is vital in the production, storage, and transportation of various products. Humidity falls within the critical factor of climate control which can result in costly errors or damage in any humidity sensitive area. Therefore, it is significant to look into controlling measures of environmental humidity. Hence, a dehumidifier is used for the sake of controlling moisture levels to help prevent any damage of valuables and ensures smooth operations. 

  • Attics:

Attics are used for storage purposes which easily. In order to protect the valuables placed inside the attic from potential mildew and mold, a dehumidifier is designed to be used to regulate the moisture and control the temperature of the attic.

  • Portable Industrial Dehumidifier for Basements

There are numerous benefits of portable dehumidifiers in the basement. Since these are located underground, there’s a high chance of it getting moist. Hence, there’s a need to prevent musty and mold odors. Such a room is susceptible to water leaks and penetration. Therefore, commercial dehumidifiers for basements are the key equipment to use for keeping your basement dry.

  • Museums

Museums, having artifacts and sculptures or paintings, are highly susceptible and favorable areas for mold spores. One can easily combat the presence of humidity and mold odor by making use of a dehumidifier to prevent the valuables from ruining.

  • Libraries:

Things like paper and especially adhesive used in the bindings of the book are perfect breeding grounds for microbes, hence creating moisture and damage to the asset. The use of a dehumidifier will fight back the humidity in the environment and keep things safe.

  • Corrosion and rust Prevention in Machine Parts:

Machine parts are usually made up of iron and steel which are highly susceptible to rust and corrosion due to humidity in the environment, resulting in improper functioning of machine and the overall process. Thus, the dehumidifier maintains the humidity level such that the product would not absorb moisture from the environment.

  • Industrial Applications:

Industrial applications are countless. Factories that a humid sensitive ought to have their temperature and humidity-controlled. Humidity can cause immense damage to the machines or the products as well. Hence, such costly valuables must be prevented from the damage caused by rust or corrosion which may form on delicate machinery for seamless operation.

  • Supermarkets:

Since a supermarket contains the various different stores within itself, enormous refrigeration system, air conditioning and continuous flow of customers, it contributes to the formation of a larger humidity degree and results in the varying levels of fog and hoar in the store. So, in order to keep an odorless and pleasant environment for customers and a proper functioning refrigerator, dehumidifier must be used to control the humidity at a relative level

Factors to Consider While Buying Portable Commercial Grade Dehumidifiers:

There are several commercial dehumidifiers for sale and comes for every extent of the usage and need. When a job requires temporary climate control in order to run its operation without hurdles, then its mandatory to analyze several crystal factors for the appropriate selection of the equipment as per your needs. These factors may include the size of the workspace area, type of drying project and the degree of moisture production in that area. Considering all the aforementioned factors will certainly guide you while choosing the right equipment for accurate and efficient job operations, timely project execution and high-quality end-product.

Using the properly engineered and sized dehumidification system can ensure the product protection form the damage caused by humidity and help you attain a successful operation. Moreover, according to a study, more than 50% of the machinery and electronic devices fail to function due to corrosion and rust caused by the increased level of humidity in the environment. Portable industrial dehumidifiers are used for this sake to prevent the dewiness. Since the dew point is really crucial in industrial operations, the effective use of dehumidification is the only reliable solution.

  • Size of the Dehumidifier: size is one of the most vital factors to be considered while purchasing the dehumidification system for a working station or a residential area. As per the degree of humidity being created in the environment as well as the level of humidity required for the proper functioning of the operations, the production manager needs to assess the proper size of the dehumidifier which is perfect for mitigating the humidity issues and their respective damages caused due to its excess formation. In order to evaluate the accurate size of the industrial dehumidifier for sale before purchasing, one need to rectify the following give factors carefully:
  1. Size of the Room: bigger the amount of area, larder will be the size of the dehumidifier needed for accurate functioning and vice versa. From the production rooms to the storage areas in the industry, there’s a bulk amount of production and storage in manufacturing industries. Hence, while choosing a portable commercial dehumidifier, the need must be assessed very carefully which would otherwise cause acute and costly damage to such an ample production. However, you can simply rectify the right size of the dehumidifier by merely measuring the cubic meters of the area where dehumidification is required.
  2.  The Humidity of the Room: the degree of humidity formed in the area is directly proportional to the size of a dehumidifier needed for that area to prevent an undesired moist level. Different regions or geographical areas, as per their usual weather conditions, have varying levels of humidity. Therefore, the dehumidifier needed for the same sized room but located in a region with different environmental temperatures will require different sized dehumidifiers.
  3. Airflow: the amount of the air being pushed through the equipment entails the size of the dehumidifier to be purchased for this purpose. CMF which is an abbreviation of cubic feet per meter measures the capacity of a dehumidifier for air transition. An area or working operation which requires a large amount of air to be displaced the need to select a dehumidifier whose CFM value is greater than 6000.
  • Maintenance: keeping all the other factors aside, easy maintenance, let alone, is one of the primary factors to consider while purchasing a dehumidifier. Any industry wouldn’t want equipment that required regular maintenance checkups. A hassle-free and long term functioning dehumidifier are what all needs to satisfy their purposes, giving high-end end product. Such dehumidifiers that make no use of refrigerants are quite easy to maintain and have a longer life-span, ensuring cost and time saving to a great extent.
  • Moisture Removal Efficiency: When you need to buy a portable industrial dehumidifier, it is vital to understand the efficacy of its operation and consider its cost consumption efficiency. The processes running in the industries are very long, may take hours and hours to get to the completion state, so the dehumidifier that is likely to consume high cost and energy gives low-efficiency outcomes, resulting in the loss of an enterprise. Therefore, it is mandatory for an organization to make a wise selection of dehumidifiers according to its working efficiency. The dehumidifier, removing more humidity per unit of electricity per kg of air is always a preferred choice.
  • Ease of Operations: The complex usability of a system in any respect is never preferred. Hence, the ease of operation is the vital factor to be considered foremost while making the purchase. There should be a humidistat in a dehumidifier in order to control humidity. Not only limited to this, but a dehumidifier must also be designed for a long-term and continuous operation. There must be an auto or manual selector switch for the escalated ease of usability in the dehumidifier. It’s always a wise decision to buy a portable commercial dehumidifier that is not only easy to use but also has a robust and sturdy structure in order to handle wear and tear.

Selecting the right dehumidifier is such an essential process. Making a good purchase will lead to enhanced productivity which would otherwise deteriorate the proper execution. Therefore, it is the role of production managers to ensure that such a dehumidifier is used which is exactly built to fulfill the requirements regardless of the purchase cost of the equipment since it will give you more revenue in the future.

Benefits of the Use of Right Portable Dehumidifier in Industries:

The storage and processing of the products in the industries are highly susceptible to the moist in the environment. Production managers not only have to worry about the environmental temperature but also regarding the relative humidity level of the surroundings in order to keep their products and machinery safe and in a working condition. For all such concerns, a portable industrial dehumidifier is here to wipe away all such issues with the least human intervention. These air dryers impede the moisture issue whether to keep a specific area of the production process dry or keeping an entire space dry or merely drying out the construction materials.

  1. Manage Indoor Environment Conditions

A good Dehumidification system can make a huge impact on the improvement of air quality by creating a healthy, controlling relative humidity and pleasant indoor environment which contributes to less dehumidifier electricity usage and cost consumption.

In industries, critical microclimate factors must be controlled. Precise control of relative humidity, dew points, recirculated air filtration, and heating or cooling supplementation can contribute to giving higher yield and better quality products.

  1. Maintain Product Quality

The right use of dehumidifiers contributes to the improvement of end-products quality in various industries. Here are the dehumidifiers for industrial use:

  • Dehumidifier for Food Production: Dry products like flour, cereal, and spices depends on the relative controlled humidity levels to maintain consistency and shape. Moreover, some refrigerated packaged foods are preserved at the controlled moisture level to prevent the growth of bacteria. A disposable dehumidifier can be used for such a purpose which is cheap but can be used only once.
  • Dehumidifier for Pharmaceutical Industry: Pharmaceutical powder and pills get benefited from Relative humidity control that results in increased dosing and packaging. Moreover, moisture protection results in safer products with longer shelf lives.
  • Dehumidifier for Printing: Papers used in the printing agencies are highly susceptible to the degree of humidity. Problems like paper curling, reduced print quality and jams could arise due to improper humidity control.
  • Dehumidifier for Electronics: The integrity of the electronic components ensures the balanced humidity level. With a good dehumidifier, the level of humidity will be not too high to oxidize the component nor too low to increase the damaging risk of the components.
  • Dehumidifiers for Warehouses: A large pile and prolong storage of the commodities will lead to dampness and hence can be damaged by increased humidity level. Thus, the dehumidifier is the only solution to this problem.
  1. Preserve Building Integrity

Prolonged high level of humidity causing condensation will compromise the integrity of the building and hence result in corrosion and rusting of cold surfaces. An appropriate dehumidification system can help cool and heat internal air which helps in controlling excess condensation, resulting in high-quality office and factory building. Portable commercial dehumidifiers can be also used for easy mobility in any area.

     2. Eliminate Allergies & Dust Mites

Greater the degree of humidity within an area, the more the chances escalate for the increment of dust mites. Such an excess humidity results in the growth of allergens which may become a potential cause of allergies, asthma and several other breathing issues. If an industry, due to increased humidity level, experiences dust mites then the most effective solution to such a problem is no other than a dehumidifier. This is used to balance the relative humidity level, keeping all the people in a surrounding safe and sound. This is one of the health benefits of the dehumidifier.

    3. Millipedes & Pests Prevention

Damp surfaces are the prime sources for the growth of small insects. The best place to put a dehumidifier includes bathrooms, laundries, basements and refrigerated areas in a super-mart which are the major sources for millipedes and several other pesky insects. By the installation of dehumidifier which is just right as per the requirement of your extent of the operation, pests can be eliminated. Although the sizes of the humidifier depend on the variation in the humidity level. But using the right dehumidifier will help prevent unwanted pests, giving you a pleasant and clean environment. Portable industrial dehumidifiers can also solve the mobility issue and allow easy dehumidification facility.

    4. Warping & Rusting Prevention

Moisture is the primary reason for metals and iron to get rusted and wood to warp. The excess level of humidity will result in the corrosion of machinery which will affect the on-going operation and consequently the profitability of an organization.  The excess moisture can corrode the tools and equipment which will result in immense damage to the cost due to dampness. Hence, the dehumidifier can be used to prevent all the aforementioned problems, resulting in better efficacy and profitability.

  1. Stop Condensation

The products that are exposed to air are highly susceptible to condensation. Condensation can also be a cause to damage the tolls and equipment. The relative risk gets higher with the low temperature maintained in the room or areas with high humidity level which may be caused as a result of an industrial process a well. Hence, all such problems can be diminished with merely one solution, a dehumidifier, which will surely prevent condensation.

    2. Reduce Cleaning Process

Since the dehumidification systems will help prevent an area from millipedes, dust mites and other bacteria, this helps an environment to be cleaned from unwanted germs. This results in ultimately elimination or at least minimization of the process of cleaning as the level of dust is already controlled by a proper dehumidification system.

    3. Save Dehumidifier Energy Usage Costs:

By using low power and higher efficiency dehumidifier, the cost could be saved to such an immense extent. With the humid air, the system is required to dehumidify the moisture level, hence making the work harder. Thus, a dehumidifier that is designed to fit your requirements and consumes low power will save you with a lot of expense in the future regardless of the purchase cost of the equipment as an efficient dehumidifier will not only smoothly executes the function but also enhances the revenue by reducing the long-term expense on inefficient equipment.

    4. Prevention from Fungal and Bacterial Growth:

Fungi and bacteria are grown in mostly the damp or moist place, contributing to the increase of an unhealthy environment which may be the potential reason for spreading diseases and infections. Hence, the best place for a dehumidifier is to keep it in the warm places having high humidity level and bad ventilation, will suck the dampness and hence reduce the growth of infectious bacteria thus, prevailing a healthy and pleasant environment.

    5. Obstruct Mold & Mildew Growth:

With the moisture, comes mold and mildew which is certainly not a pleasant work environment to work in. hence, only a dehumidifier can do the job perfectly of airing out the area and keep everyone safe and healthy.

    6. Eliminate Smells:

Excessive dampness and moisture in an area can cause unpleasant odor and musty smells. It is the dehumidifier that can suck the humidity level and balance it out that would freshen up the room and eliminate pungent smells.


A sole purpose of a dehumidifier is to prevent the occurrence of the excess level of humidity in the environment to keep the surroundings and valuables safe from the downsides of the elevated degrees of moist and mildew. There are various portable dehumidifier industrial applications ranging from regular residential usage to the commercial ones, solving several issues caused by the elevated dampness and moisture content as this is one of the primary causes of immense damage to the tools and equipment. Hence, the use of an appropriate dehumidifier helps run the process steadily, thus, contributing to enhanced productivity, greater yield and consequently escalated profitability.

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