Colzer 190 Pints Commercial Dehumidifier with Pump


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  • ✦【Commercial-grade Dehumidifier】This commercial dehumidifier with 386 CFM airflow volume can remove up to 190 pints of moisture from the air per day at saturation (90°F, 90%) (93 PPD @ AHAM), ideal for flood & water damage restoration, carpet cleaning, fast drying in indoor gardening/greenhouse/pool/spa, construction areas, marine environments and large spaces up to 6,000 sq ft.
  • ✦【Dehumidifier with Pump】Featuring an internal heavy-duty condensate pump of 15 ft drain height connecting with a 17 ft wrinkle-free long drain hose (included), this self-draining industrial dehumidifier will automatically drain the condensation water to anywhere you want, meanwhile ensuring you are always on the top of operation without downtime.

Product Description

Tough Enough for Professionals, Simple Enough for Domestic UsesDesigned for Straightforward Operation

COLZER TR160D offers the right solutions for any job without any complicated or confusing settings or unnecessary features.

Simply plug it in, and press the POWER button to turn it on, this automatic dehumidifier will automatically enter into work mode and work hard continuously without you worrying about it.

LCD - Tell you the temperature and humidity level at both inlet and outlet.

Hour Meter - Log and track job hours for better task management.

Timer Button - Preset to delay-start or delay-stop in 1-24 hrs as needed.

Purge Button - Manually empty the pump in preparation for transport.

Auto Restart - Auto Restart after a power interruption for low-hassle operation.

Things To Consider - No Onboard Humidistat

Internal Condensate Pump for Effortless Drainage

Removing large amounts of moisture can be tough, especially in commercial spaces. But to this restoration dehumidifier with a heavy-duty internal pump and a long drain hose, it won't be a problem anymore.

During operation, this self-draining dehumidifier will automatically purge the collected condensation water out to a bucket, sink, out a window, or anywhere else that water can drain safely.

✔ Drain Height: 15 ft

✔ Drain Hose Length: 17 ft

✔ Hose with Quick-fitting Connector

✔ Fast Access for Pump Maintenance

Rotomolded Housing - Ideal for Rugged Use for Years

If you’re looking for a unit that can withstand the rigors of the toughest conditions, you won't go wrong with this COLZER TR160D roto-molded dehumidifier.

COLZER TR160D is constructed with rugged rotomolded polyethylene housing which is much more durable than the metal housing of conventional commercial dehumidifiers.

The rugged roto-molded housing could reduce the impact of bumps or accidental drops during transportation, ensuring maximum lifespan.

The roto-molded housing is dent, scratch, chemicals and corrosion resistant, maintaining the original looking of your dehumidifier after years of use.

HAV Defrosting for Low-temp Operation

This commercial size dehumidifier is equipped with HGV defrosting system that delivers fast and efficient frost removal from the coils without experiencing stoppages that are common in other compressor dehumidifiers during the defrosting process, optimizing the dehumidification efficiency.

This commercial-grade dehumidifier with better defrost abilities is capable of removing water even in low-temperature environments as 33°F, being reliable solutions for restoration tasks.

Reusable Filter for Easy Maintenance

This industrial size dehumidifier comes with a high-density filter to protect internal components from damage due to airborne dust, debris, and other particles, ensuring a long lifespan.

Meanwhile, this high-airflow air filter ensures maximum airflow (386 CFM) throughout the operation for optimal moisture removal results.

Besides, this air filter is easily accessible, vacuum-able, washable, and reusable, saving you the cost and hassle of the replacement filter.


Industrial Use: Water Damage Restoration, Indoor Pool/Spa, Commercial Grow Room/Greenhouse, Construction Drying, and more

Max. Pint Capacity: 190 Pints/Day (90°F, 90%)

Airflow Volume: 386 CFM

Internal Pump: YES

Drain Height: 15 ft

Drain Hose Length: 17 ft

Power Cord Length: 25 ft

Extreme Operating Temp: 33-100°F

Housing Type: Roto-molded Housing

Filter Type: High Airflow Filter

Defrost Type: HGV Defrost

Casters & Handlebar: YES

Power-Outage-Auto-Restart: YES

Safety Certifications: ETL

Ductable: YES

Humidistat: NO

Item Dimensions: 21.50 x 19.30 x 32.00 inches

Item Weight: 97.00 lbs

Warranty Description: 2-Year Free Warranty, 5-Year on Housing

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